The Age of I

by Dead Weight

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released December 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Dead Weight Seattle, Washington

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Track Name: The Age of I
Everywhere I look, I see it the same, people try to get ahead
climbing over those you stab in the back, they used to be your friends
life is a game, who comes out on top, that’s how we play to win
crossing bridges along the way, then setting them ablaze


Compassion’s been replaced by fear
trust is a word without use anymore
we’ve made such a big mess of this world
now it’s every man for himself

IN THESE DAYS - of looking out for mine
IN THESE DAYS - of only the strong survive
IN THESE DAYS - of greed deceit and spite
IN THE AGE - the age of I
Track Name: Marine Layer
They say it’s always darkest before the break of dawn
but you’ll never know how close to the edge you are
until you’ve been pushed too far

and I never imagined, in my darkest days
that I’d be chasing phantoms of my sanity

so I cover it up with a mask of lies
lock all my problems up inside
cover it up and take it all in stride
find the strength to get through this night

in and out of every phase, I haven’t seen the sun in days
four walls closing in on me, strangling the life from me

suffocation, it’s getting hard to breath
if you lose sight of where you’re at this world can bring you to your knees

sometimes these masks, they shield us from the pain
and keep the ones we care about from going insane
and sometimes these masks, they get us through the days
pushing passed the venom poisoning our PMA
sometimes these masks are all that we have
Track Name: Wolf
Sometimes I wonder if you even believe
half of the garbage you spit from your lips
weaving lies with no regard of who you hurt
or how you’ll get off
no one will buy a word

Lies, with every breath
you destroy your word
and I won’t be there to watch
as you burn down the house from inside

Sometimes I wonder if you’ll ever see
the chaos you cause so casually
this deck of cards you’ve built your reality from will
come crumbling to your feet

can you even divide the truth from the lies
crying wolf time after time
now you’re playing the victim?

Wolf crier, you’re a liar, wolf crier, don’t try me
Track Name: Get Real
We see right through the mask you wear
and all your hollow words
up on the stage without a clue
of the meaning behind all the words you spew
you’re a fake
we can’t relate
to the way you live your life
I can’t wait
to see you fall
and then you can tell me how real you are

Get Real - hard isn’t something you can get from a song
Get Real - reality it more than just singing along

the slogans that you recite
won’t get you through hard times
those words that you scream in the mic
won’t taste so sweet when you choke on life
you’re keeping it real
or so you say
you remind us all every step of the way
you know the words
you’re uniform
you’re the picture perfect vision of your favorite songs

Get real - hard isn't something you can get from a song
Get real - reality it more than just singing along